What Others Say…

It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want. So, check out what others have said about us. Here’s just a few snippets of what other people we’ve worked with have said.

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DarrellW – “easy process…pretty simple cash out…no drama. I recommend him.”


Josh Rand – Closing Attorney

Our flexible closing attorney meeting where it was convenient for the seller!


DwayneW – “He made it totally hands free. It was amazing! … I’ve got the most money too!”

Snellville, GA


BusterB – “It was like a smooth transaction… Hopefully I can do business with him in the future and also refer him to other customers because he seems like a good guy!”

Atlanta, GA

We had a terrible year-long struggle with both our property manager and tenants, resulting in significant financial loss for our family. This made it imperative for us to sell the property quickly, but we had little trust for any realtors to be honest. Once we decided to go with you and your company, we found that the process was patient, trustworthy, and professional  Thank you for your efforts.
Lithonia, GA


ChesterB – “Smooth process!  Jeff is the best…he’s a professional man…a legitimate guy, a good guy, a stand up guy”

College Park GA

I recently sold my house to Jeff to save it from foreclosure and wanted anyone going through something similar to know of my experience.  This particular situation can bring out some very predatory people.  Someone like me can go to the closing table expecting a lot and come out with nothing at all, including any more time.  You can end up with zero options other than to just be stuck out on the side of the road.  But Jeff came through and did all he said he would.  He drove me to the bank to get cash from the closing attorney’s check, he helped me move my stuff, and even let me stay in the house a few days past closing so I could find somewhere else to live without as much time pressure.

Anyone needing to sell their house fast should know that it’s very important to find someone that’s a hundred percent honest or they can get screwed. People should know that there’s people that try to push you and time is critical.  Jeff never harped on me about how I better do this or that or pressured me.  He came and professionally inspected the entire house while inhabited and made a fair offer right off the bat.  Jeff helped with some last minute unexpected expenses that would have cleaned my funds.  He went above and beyond and verbally offered me enough money to get back on my feet and we shook hands on it, he had it formally put on paper and notarized and I got compensated. He is the man. He doesn’t have to call anybody and ask what to do. He says it, he does it, and it’s done.


Snellville, GA


DianneD – a “happy customer”; I’d sell to him again!

Stone Mountain, GA

NewLife AME

NewLife AME Leadership – “He worked diligently to close the transaction. Experience was easy and moved along quickly.”

Our firm has closed numerous deals with Jeff over the last few years.  When I initially met with him, it was clear he possessed a solid understanding of the correct structuring of real estate transactions.  While working with him and his various buyers and sellers, I have found Jeff to follow through on his obligations and commitments and he works towards win-win solutions for everyone in order to get his transactions successfully closed.


Jonathan Lyman

Halperin Lyman LLC real estate attorney

Atlanta, GA